Advantages of oil trading and energy trading

High fluctuation – bigger range of price changes

Trading oil – the most active trading in the world 

Trade can be made based on USD5 of margin at minimum  

Leverage, up to 888:1 at maximum

No additional fee will be charged for oil CFD

Trading oil – the most active trading in the world 

Instrument SymbolCurrencyMin LotMax LotMinimal incrementAverage spread
US Crude Oil WTI/USDWTI1500.001 0.037

The margin requirement of CFD is calculated as the following method.
“Batch number x Contract size, x Opening price x Margin rate”

  • Not based on the leverage of your transaction account.
  • When the market situation is ideal, the margin of CFD is usually 50%.
  • The spread/condition above is applicable to all trading accounts.
  • For new contract of financial commodities setting valid term, this company shall not provide automatic extension.


The characteristic of energy trading is large fluctuation. Energy price is affected by various political factors and environmental factors. Many other supply and demand factors would also affect energy price, the one with the most influence is the growth of world economy.

Under general circumstance, during economic growth, the energy demand would increase, but if the economy is stagnant, the energy consumption would decrease.

Besides economic changes, extreme weather conditions would also bring huge influence on energy prices, and cause chaotic supply of crude oil, natural gas or kerosene. As a result, such situation may cause the service demand related to energy and facing many consumers to decrease or increase. Moreover, the price of natural gas and oil fields in the world would also be greatly affected from political turmoil.

Oil trade is a globalized market, its prices would frequently change within 24 hours. For day traders that are able to master the fast fluctuation of prices and choose CFD in the simplest method through crude oil price transaction, this is a very ideal transaction.