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Execution Power of SVOFX

99.35% of all transactions are executed within 1 second.

The executive quality of SVOFX is very important. It promotes the convenience and speed of transaction, ensures clients to be able to participate in market at the highest market price available. Therefore, the software and method that reduces executive quality by actively re-quoting or rejecting orders from client side are strongly objected.

As a former retailer of banking industry, we also know that low execution would cause loss of the high-return transaction strategy. If you can make these transactions, intensive spread would lose its meaning. On this point, the mission of SVOFX is to provide execution as higher efficient as possible.



The transaction platform of this company supports orders of market, limitation, stop loss and tracking stop loss, orders can be placed at any time during transaction time.

Besides, your account balance can be updated in real time based on current market price. If using decimal point for pricing, you can realize transaction in narrower spread range, and the most correct estimation.

Please note, 10 prices can be issued at the same time.

Agreement on Market Order

Because SVOFX guarantees agreement on 50 batches (5 million) of market order at maximum, therefore, for each 1 click, transaction of 5 million can be made. However, when the transaction amount exceeds the standard above, please split the order into smaller transaction sums.


Agreed Waiting - Loss and price limit order

SVOFX understands the importance of stop loss and price limit orders in risk management. Therefore, for orders in the two aspects, the agreed guarantee of negotiable market price of up to 50 batches can be provided.

Execution on Resting Days and Weekends

When there is any market gap from the closing price on Friday to the opening price on Sunday, SVOFX reserves all the orders of price limit or stop loss, and execute it based on the original available market price of corresponding price.

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Fluctuation or Liquidity Market Trade

Thanks to agile market change response and business partnership with various liquidity providers, SVOFX executes orders through the most likely market price available, to ensure you to obtain the biggest return in fluctuating market situation.