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Funds Security

Client’s Funds

The fund security of our clients is our first priority matter.

Segregation of Funds

In accordance with international regulatory standards, client funds are segregated in trust accounts at regulated financial institutions. This ensures that your money is safely available and, in case of SvoFX’s insolvency, it will not be used to pay or repay creditors. These arrangements are checked and verified by auditors.

Client Area Protection

Protect your personal data and financial transactions using highly secure technology. Encrypt all transactions using the state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL Bank standard Secure Socket Layer. Data transfer over an SSL secure connection with information encryption helps prevent interception of user data by third parties while operating the website, wherever you are.

Personal Information Protection

Photo ID and proof of address are required to verify the customer’s identity. The personal information of the authorized customers is protected by strict security.

Secure Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals of funds require the same personal information as at the time of identification and are carried out in accordance with clear rules: SvoFX will not under any circumstances transfer funds to any third party without the client’s permission.

High level Security

SvoFX’s technical environment is monitored 24 hours a day, by a dedicated team of highly specialized security engineers and technical experts. As they develop and maintain top-level protection, there is very little possibility of any data loss, damage or other technical problems.