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Social Trade


Copying Master Trader Trades to Generate Revenue

Svo Social Trade is available to all users who trade on the Standard plan and Micro plan.
You can automatically copy the trades of top performing traders (Master Traders). Diversify your trading portfolio by following master traders. The Svo Social Trade platform, which allows you to follow multiple traders and choose different follow methods, is a great backup to your strategy and profitability in copy trading.

Svo Social Trade is a powerful trading method that allows you to build a trading strategy equivalent to that of a master trader without the need for trading experience or knowledge.

What is a follower?

You can copy Master Trader’s trading marked top performance in your trading account. You can easily diversify your trading portfolio by following multiple master traders.

What is a Master Trader?

Once you meet the performance requirements of the Standard plan or Micro plan, you can debut as a Master Trader at Svo Social Trade. You can showcase your trading knowledge and strategies and earn profit rewards from successful copy trades. The more followers you have, the bigger the reward.

Benefits of Followers


Save time and energy by automatically copying transactions. No need to develop your own strategy.


Follow multiple master traders. Create a portfolio of social trading by following different trading styles.

Selectable follow method

Three follow methods can be selected: amount ratio, lot ratio and lot fixing. Trades can be monitored in real time and funds can be added, closed or stopped as needed.

Social Trade

How to Become a Follower


Open Account

Sign up in a few easy steps and open a copy trade account with the Standard plan.


Deposit into Account

Fund your trading account. If you already have funds in your trading account, you can use internal transfers to move them to the appropriate account.


Select the Best Master

Select a master trader to follow and decide how much to invest and what percentage of lots to trade.

Benefits of Being a Master Trader

Social Trade

Profit Sharing

Set your own commission percentage for successful transactions. You can earn up to 30% commission.

Prompt Payment

Profit sharing is reflected in your in-account wallet the day after it occurs, allowing you to transfer funds and withdraw funds the same day.


Show off your unique trading skills, unique methods and high performance to build wealth with your many followers.

How to Become a Master Trader


Open Account

Sign up in a few easy steps and open a Standard Plan(or Micro) discretionary trading account.


Deposit into Account

Deposit funds into your trading account. If you already have funds in your trading account, you can use an internal transfer to move them to the appropriate account.


Achieve the Specified Performance

You can apply for Master Trader registration in a few simple steps after meeting the regulations, such as a balance of at least 1000 USD and 10% of total earnings.

SVO Social Trade

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