Relieved and pleasant trading

The following will introduce the strong points of our company's technological platform,
which ensures that clients can relievedly and pleasantly conduct trading.

Ultra-fast trading fulfillment

In the serial trading processes from submitting an order to trading successfully and to fund settlement, SVOFX follows an automated and coherent processing through an electronic system, without manual intervention. SVOFX regards letting clients practically and rapidly implement their expected trading during the trading process as the most important thing. By installing ultra-fast and optimum server, we can reduce the mental stress of traders to a maximum limit.

Fair and transparent trading

SVOFX is not a broker with a trading seat. Therefore, our benefits are aligned with those of clients, working hard for fair and transparent trading.

Strong point in the financial field

By constructing a stable relationship with many big financial institutions in the interbank market, SVOFX can provide an optimum trading environment to clients.。 

Security of clients' fund

As an enterprise approved and regulated by the financial regulatory authority, SVOFX stipulates the procedure of ensuring the security of clients’ fund.

Customer service support

SVOFX owns an experienced customer service support team, provides a package solution, and makes sure that clients can pleasantly and securely conduct trading.

Fast deposit and withdrawal

SVOFX can quickly respond to clients’ request for deposit and withdrawal. Clients can pleasantly and securely transfer and manage fund.


Support flexible leverage effect, and the maximum leverage can be 200 multiples to trade.

Our software

Market-leading MetaTrader 4. SVOFX typically uses the state-of-the-art trading instrument, ensuring a pleasant trading efficiency. Besides, using the mobile terminals of the iPhone, iPad, or Android systems, other than WindowsPC, can also seize the trading opportunities.

Reasons for receiving support

Honesty and Integrity

SVOFX strongly observes the transparency of business and transaction process, consider industrial norms and standards as code, develop operation as a legal and just exchange.

Ignorance Leads to Price to Pay

SVOFX is an expert group which is skillful in financial industry. It is able to quickly provide support when everyone encounters question or trouble when making transactions.

Essential Innovation

SVOFX provides innovative service, ensure smooth execution of client transactions. It establishes a platform where traders can have transactions at any time and without any pressure.