Max Leverage

Min Deposit
100 USD


Max Bonus
2,000 USD


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for 24/5

Reduce transaction cost, enhance effective return

SVOFX is an online broker for foreign exchange and contract for differences (CFD), which provides cutting-edge technology to traders all over the world and conducts trading in the global market.

Our objective is, offering unbelievably low prices for traders in the fields of all foreign exchange, CFD and commodity. From the optimum trading conditions to customized individual broker service and close customer-oriented service support, our work is to lead you to success, that is to lead traders to success.

The sagacity and decisiveness of smart traders are the first option for SVOFX to conduct trading.

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Service Platform・8 Promises of SVOFX

Ultra-fast trading fulfillment

Fair and transparent trading

Strong point in the financial field

Security of clients’ fund

Customer service support

Fast deposit and withdrawal

Flexible Risk

Fast deposit and withdrawal

Comprehensive Online Support

Application with Significant Performance

Flexible Handling

Honesty and Integrity

Mobile Trading

SVOFX offers formal MetaTrader mobile application programs, ensuring that you can trade at any time and any place. These application programs support the systems of Apple and Android, and can be used in all mobile platforms.