Open an account

What certificates are needed to be used as identity document?

Identity documents with photo and signature including passport, identification card, driving license, are formal certificates. Personal information, photo, signature, date of issue, time of validity, and serial number must be definitely interpreted.

What is the deposit size threshold of a real account?

The deposit size threshold to open an account, is 100USD including deposit commission.

How to operate to start trading?

After opening a real account, you can start trading upon deposit. Sometimes, there is a need to confirm deposit, and you may start trading in an hour.

Forget the password to client portal.

Please click the “forget the password” link, type you email address, and reset your password.

Deposit and withdrawal

Methods for deposit of account capital.

Bank remittance (domestic and international)

How long will it take to deposit?

Upon being confirmed, the deposit will immediately appear in clients’ accounts. In bank remittance, it will take about three to five workdays.

What is ht commission fee for every payment method?

SVOFX does not charge a commission for deposit. When your banks and payment suppliers collect commissions, we will charge additional expenses.

How to withdraw funds from the account?

Please log in from your client area, and fill the withdrawal form to apply.

Hong long will it take to process my withdrawal application?

All withdrawal applications will be processed within one workday.

How long will it take to withdraw funds?

All transactions will be processed on the day when the withdrawal applications are accepted. -Bank remittance: about three to five workdays

Can I withdraw funds from open position?

When the platform opens position and after it makes position final settlement, you can withdraw funds. Please notice that, your free margin including all payment expenses, must exceed the designated amount in the withdrawal application. Under the condition of insufficient fund, you can’t apply for withdrawal.


Foreign exchange transaction

What is margin?

Margin is a deposit fund as a guarantee to open or buy and sell position, or maintain open position. Margin is not commission or transaction costs. It is part of account balance. However, just as it may suffer loss, it can possibly obtain considerable return, so you must prudently use margin.

What is the trading time?

Foreign exchange market with access 24 hours a day. Although they may not have trading sessions as the stock exchange, banks from different regions around the world maintain different trading time. You can confirm on the page of “trading time”.

Can I use an expert advisor?

SVOFX offers optimum environment in the EA procedure, so clients can use EA freely.

Hong long will it take to process my withdrawal application?

All withdrawal applications will be processed within one workday.

What are spreads?

You can check our spreads in MT4 trading platform.

When the market opens and closes, and before the spreads are issued, there is a possibility of large spread widening. As a result, clients must ensure their accounts have enough funds to cover this contingency.

What is the maximum and minimum position size?

Minimum trading size is 0.01 lot, and maximum trading size is 10 lots. The maximum order number in an MT4 account is 200 lots.

Is there any trading seat?

We are an NDD broker, with all procedures being automatically processed, thus we have no trading seat. As the final settlement of 100 percent orders is made by liquid suppliers, our benefits are aligned with those of clients.

What are the types of leverage conditions?

Regardless of the amount of the margin, all trading accounts can be up to 1:200.

The common questions regarding MetaTrader4 in actual trading.

"Invalid account" is displayed.

If login information contains error message or login information is false, all online accounts will become invalid. What you must do is only check your login name, password and server address.

What is meaning of "busy trading status"?

Mistakes of MetaTrader 4. By closing the platform and reloading, mistakes will disappear.

Why can't I stop loss and enhance return in my own trading?

During your implementation of trade marketing, you are not allowed to submit orders before implementation or undecided orders. Once the trading is finished, you can use MT4 terminal submit additional stop order or limit order.

What will happen, if the expert advisor (EA) does not offer any help for my trading?

First, please confirm the expert tab in the MT4 terminal. If you want to conduct EA trading but without success, the wrong serial number will arise. There are error codes available to be downloaded in MetaTrader4.

Can't find the currency pairs.

Only by right clicking the Market watch and selecing Show all, can all currency pair appear.

Can't find the swap rate.

To obtain swap rate, you must enter into the Market watch area. Right click the icon, and then enter into the designation of trading symbol.